Town Hall Concerts

The primary parking area for WHSO concerts is located on the south side of Town Hall, with entry via either the South Main Street or the Raymond Road entrance gates.   If you park in the large parking lot to the east of Town Hall near the main entrance to Town Hall offices or in the Blue Back Square Memorial parking garage, please be advised that the main doors on the east side of Town Hall are locked on the weekends when WHSO performances occur.  Access to WHSO concerts is via the doors on South Main Street located up the stairs and beneath the tall white columns.

Limited handicapped parking is located on the Emergency Access/Handicapped Drop-Off circle accessed from Memorial Drive on the north side of Town Hall, as well as in the parking area south of the building (along Burr Road).  The elevator entrance to WHSO concerts is located on this circle through the sliding glass doors.  Because this circle provides necessary access for emergency personnel (ambulance, police), parking is NOT allowed on the circle itself.  You may drive in to drop off passengers who require assistance and elevator access, but you must then move your car to the parking lot. Bring your parking ticket inside and pick up a “FREE PARKING VOUCHER”  from a Town Hall employee situated in the concert lobby.  You must exit via an attended gate, which include the Raymond Road gate and the gate in the Memorial Garage.  Simply hand your voucher to the attendant and exit.

There is also street parking nearby (metered) and a large parking garage located across South Main Street a short distance from Town Hall. The Town Hall is located in the Center near the town library, Blue Back Square, West Hartford Center shops, and many fine local restaurants, all within walking distance.

Roberts Theater Concerts (at Kingswood Oxford School)

Handicapped parking is available in the small circle at the Outlook Ave. entrance (off of Farmington Avenue). General parking is available in the large parking area off of Trout Brook Drive.