The first-time concertgoer to a WHSO performance often has several questions about how it all works.  Listed below are some of the questions we most frequently hear, provided in hopes that your concert experience is the best it can be.

When should I arrive?

The WHSO prides itself on starting performances on time, so it is recommended that you arrive a bit early to find your seat.  Doors officially open 45 minutes prior to the start of each performance, at which time you may enter the auditorium, pick up tickets from Will Call, or purchase tickets at the door (if any are available).  Those requiring handicapped parking, which is at a premium, may find it more convenient to arrive even earlier to allow additional time for assistance to be  provided.

What should I wear?

WHSO concert performances are indeed a special occasion, but do not feel the need to arrive in formal wear.  Please dress comfortably and respectfully, and bring a light wrap if you plan to sit near the windows during our winter concerts.

How long is a typical performance?

Generally, WHSO performances last approximately 2 hours, including a 15-20 minute intermission.

Can I take pictures?

Cameras and other recording devices can create distractions for our musicians and your fellow audience members.  Please do not bring still, video or tape recorders into the auditorium.  Pagers, cell phones, hand-held video games, and other electronic equipment must be turned off during the performance.

Will food or drinks be available?

Delicious snacks, desserts and beverages are available for purchase at WHSO events during intermission at reasonable prices.

When do I clap?

Proper concert etiquette allows applause after a piece is complete.  Pieces may have three or four movements, with a quiet pause in between, in which case all applause waits until after the last movement is played.  The concert program will list the number of movements in each piece to assist you.  You can also follow the conductor – if he does not bring his arms and baton down to his sides, hold your applause and wait quietly for the next movement to begin.  (Or, you can just wait for the rest of the audience to clap first!)  At the end of the entire piece, enthusiastic applause is higly welcomed and appreciated by the musicians!

Would my whole family enjoy the concerts?

Definitely!  WHSO concerts  present material for listeners of all ages and backgrounds, from movie and stage music to purely classical pieces.  Children are welcomed, indeed encouraged, to attend our performances.  You may be surprised how many pieces you recognize, and how many new works you will grow to love.  We may even have a sing-along once in a while!  In any case, we are sure you will be impressed by the capability of our musicians and treated to an experience you will not forget.